MANCINI Open yacht cruiser 16.8m

It is equipped with all necessary electronic equipment for a secure sailing. There are 2 double bedrooms and 2 bunk beds with 3 bathrooms and a very spacious living room and dinning area. Has big outside spaces that make it ideal for daily cruises.
It is ideal for all guests who want to experience the Greek summer, explore the clear water of the Mediterranean sea and organize their events on board.

• Country of origin Italy
• For 10 passengers
• Last maintained 2016
• Engines 1470 HP total
• Cruising speed 23 kn
• Fuel consumption 220lt/h
• Fuel capacity 2800lt
• Water capacity 1000lt

MAS 28 Elegance

The design is clearly inspired by the motor vehicle industry such as the stern with its shape taken from 1965 Porsche 956, the air intakes of the BMW Z3, the seats of the Smart, the filler caps from the Audi TT and the steering wheel from the New Beetle.
The exceptional and inimitable lines of this vessel create a new masterpiece of ITALIAN nautical handicraft, reference to luxury and glamour... a true jewel of the seas.
Elegance and harmony in this dazzling blue handmade speedboard (as the velvet blue Aegean sea), make this masterpiece of the sea the perfect vessel for romantic couples.

• Country of origin Italy
• For 6 passengers
• Engine Mercruiser MPI 350 MAG
• Cruising speed 35 kn
• Max speed 50 kn


Fast and stable, it travels safely in extreme weather comditions. A beautiful boat to look at and to feel !
Its deck ensures exceptional ergonomics and modularity. On-board movement is easy, the sundecks are spacious and easy to set up. The afterdeck feels comfortable and secure. Enjoy sunbathing, eating or swimming, it couldn't be easier!

• Country of origin Italy
• For 8 passengers
• Engines Volvo Penda 2x 230
• Cruising speed 20 kn
• Max speed 30 kn

Photo Gallery MANCINI Open yacht cruiser 16.8m


Photo Gallery MAS 28 Elegance

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